About us

Nedcargo provides sustainable solutions in a changing logistical world.

Our vision:

Our vision on the world of logistics can be summarised as follows:

  • Our customers want their supply chain to be as sustainable and as transparent as possible.
  • Because our customers’ margins are tight, it is important to keep supply chain costs as low as possible.
  • We are seeing many changes in our customers’ wishes and requirements, such as the demand for the transport of smaller packages, faster deliveries, more frequent deliveries, deliveries within certain timeframes, night-time distribution, combined deliveries, etc.

Mission statement:

We aim:

  • to create the most sustainable and cost efficient supply chain possible for our customers based on the latest supply chain expertise.
  • to offer real solutions for smaller consignments, combined consignments and supplies that need to be delivered within certain timeframes, based on the optimum contracts with our suppliers.

To achieve this, we make use of the best ICT, top-quality materials, a great deal of customer involvement and professionalism!