wines & spirits

We offer:

  • Over a decade experience in excise in Belgium and the Netherlands
  • High-tech and secure warehouses included VAL services
  • Excise services (excise warehouse / IVV)
  • Distribution and transport

With sophisticated storage and distribution concepts and over a decade sector-specific experience in the wine, spirits, champagnes and beers markets, we work closely with you to keep pace with current developments in logistics.

Characteristics of our services:

  • Handling the complete order flow up to and including delivery to your customer, with suspension of excise duty (on the basis of excise warehouse location and / or IVV permits).
  • Complete and accurate administration of excise duties and consumer taxes.
  • Warehouses, highly skilled employees and trucks tailored to the careful treatment requiring alcoholic beverages
  • We deal with shipments of all sizes, ranging from full pallets to a single bottle.
  • Specially locked spaces available for storage of products with a (very) high value.
  • Close cooperation with the forwarding department of Nedcargo makes your import and export activities more flexible.
  • We ensure a sustainable and cost-efficient supply-chain.