We offer:

  • Various forms of container transport in the Benelux countries
  • Inland shipping and inland terminals as a sustainable alternative to road transport

Nedcargo Multimodal provides various options for container transport in the Benelux countries, including transport by water and by road. With the operation of Alpherium B.V. inland terminal in Alphen aan den Rijn (Alpherium) and from mid-2017 in Willebroek and inland shipping as an alternative to road transport, Nedcargo is anticipating increasing demand for more sustainable, environmentally-friendly and reliable transport.

The results are very promising. With our Alpherium Inland Terminal, we save our customer Heineken 6 million truck kilometres on the roads each year! This results in a CO2 reduction of 30%.

Tip:  Perform a simple calculation to find out how you could reduce our annual CO2 emissions by using inland shipping for your container transport.