Customs services

We offer:

  • Our expertise in customs activities
  • Smooth and safe import and export with AEO certificate
  • Correct documentation flow and administration

It is important to our import and export customers that we comply with all the relevant legislation and regulations. How can we support you in this?

  • Nedcargo has well-qualified and experienced employees who perform customs activities on your behalf, such as customs clearance, processing the documentation flow, administrative processes and providing support during customs checks.
  • Nedcargo subsidiaries who perform customs activities hold an AEO certificate. Companies can acquire this status of Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) when they are consideren by the customs authorities to be a safe and reliable partner considered. This enables customs activities to run smoothly, safely and in compliance with regulations.
  • We are also happy to take care of associated activities for you, such as:
    • Storage and transhipment
    • Remittance of excise duty and consumption tax
    • Fiscal representation for VAT