food & beverages

With sophisticated distribution concepts and more than 30 years of sector-specific experience in food we help you to keep pace with current developments and work together to create an optimum, sustainable and cost-efficient supply chain.

Characteristics of our services:

  • Our high-tech, strategic warehouses provide the optimum conditions for your products: conditioned, secured and fitted with sprinkler systems, etc.
  • Food safety is a top priority: our warehouses are HACCP and BRC certified.
  • Complete excise services and excise administration, taking these activities off your hands.
  • From production site to delivery address: highly skilled employees treat your products with the highest levels of care and attention.
  • We are happy to transport shipments of all sizes, ranging from full pallets to individual packages.
  • Choice of various forms of distribution.
  • Various additional services, including packaging and repackaging, labels (VAL), stock and packaging management, order processing and invoicing.
  • Close cooperation with our Nedcargo forwarding department speeds up your import and export activities.