We offer a combined package of webshop logistics:

  • Storage, stock management, peparing orders for dispatch
  • Delivery, Track & Trace
  • VAL, invoicing, etc.

As a webshop operator, your focus needs to be on your core activities and ou do not want tohave to worry about storage facilities, stock management and delivery logistics. So why not outsource your e-fulfillment to Nedcargo? With various services under one roof, we offer a one-stop solution:

  • High-tech warehouses and expert personnel for storage and order picking as well as for combining orders and preparing them for dispatch.
  • Delivery of large consignments: via our VULnetwork.
  • Delivery of small consignments: via various partners.
  • A 24/7 online insight into your stock, order status and delivery information using VULonline.
  • Easy-to-follow delivery procedure using Track & Trace.
  • Suitable facilities for handling fragile goods, with the use of sorting conveyors being avoided.
  • Use of additional services, such as:
    • labels, packaging, repackaging (VAL);
    • excise duties and services for consumer items, administration and invoicing.