Container Bargin

We offer:

  • Container transport via inland shipping
  • Daily shuttle service to and from the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp with solid fixed departure times, suited to the loading and unloading of large deep-sea terminals
  • • Daily transport to and from inland terminal Alpherium in Alphen aan den Rijn, which provides a direct connection between the port of Rotterdam and the heart of the Randstad.

A fleet of more than 20 vessels which are available for long-term rental offers a sustainable, fast and reliable alternative to road transport in the busy port areas around Rotterdam and Antwerp.

The service also includes:

  • Daily transport services by inland shipping to and from Rotterdam and Antwerp: fixed departure times, whiche are coordinated with the loading and unloading times at the major deep-sea terminals.
  • Daily transport service from Alpherium Inland Terminal in Alphen aan den Rijn provides a direct connection between the Port of Rotterdam and the heart of the Randstad.

Tip:  Perform a simple calculation to find out how you could reduce your annual CO2 emissions by using inland shipping for your container transport.

In Belgium, we foresee mid 2017 an inland terminal in Willebroek with immediate access to the newly developed warehouse ..