Road transport

We offer:

  • Transport throughout Europe
  • Fleet from container trucks to closed trucks
  • Qualified drivers
  • Warehouse facilities

If you wish, Nedcargo Forwarding can also organise domestic and international road transport for you as well as facilities for storage and transhipment in transit. For storage and transport, Forwarding works closely with the other Nedcargo subdivisions, such as Logistics.

Characteristics of our services:

  • We have our own fleet of some 200 trucks available, which we supplement with regular charters.
  • Our fleet includes various types of trucks, from container trucks to closed trucks.
  • We work with qualified drivers and a pool of reliable charters to provide additional capacity and flexibility.
  • We offer various types of distribution in the Benelux countries and road transport throughout the whole of Europe.
  • At ten strategic locations in the Netherlands and Belgium we offer warehouse facilities for storage and transfer. Outside the Benelux, we work with reliable partners.